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The Cedar Street Yard Sale - A Great Way to Give Back!

yardsaleimagesOnce again, the Cedar Street Yard Sale is coming up and Patricia and Ray Estabrook have donated the use of their yard for our yard sale. The Cedar Street Yard Sale is Saturday, June 5th and officially begins at 8:00 am. It is generally over around 3:00 or 4:00 pm. Last year, we sold gently used items, baked goods, coffee, tea, and plants and it was a wonderful success! We need many donations and volunteers for this fundraiser to be successful. Our previous record for this event was raising over $600 and this year we would like to raise $1000!

We will be limiting the types of donations that we can accept due to the fact that we have had to consistently dispose of certain items when they do not sell. If you wish to donate something, we will be accepting dontations from now until the day of the yard sale. Items can be dropped off at The Game Loft. If you need to make special arrangements for your donated item, please call Kali Rocheleau at The Game Loft (338-6447) and we will try to find a solution.

Donations that we are looking for: gently used clothing, household appliances that work, kitchen items (plates, cups, gadgets, etc), furniture, gently used toys and games, and books. Donations that we cannot accept: building supplies, lots of decorative knick-knacks, broken electronics, heavily out of date electronics, or weapons. If you aren't sure about an item that you wish to donate, please call us at The Game Loft.

Volunteers are desperately needed the day of the sale in 2 hour shifts starting at 6:00 am and ending around 4:00 pm. Please contact The Game Loft if you wish to sign up to help. If you want to volunteer for more than 2 hours, we promise we will not turn you away! You can also sign up or ask questions by emailing Kali Rocheleau at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We will be accepting bakesale items on Friday, June 4th at The Game Loft and on Saturday, June 5th at the yard sale. All yummy goodies are accepted. We've noticed that things like cookies, brownies, and bars sell very well, especially when individually wrapped! Bread also does well, but don't forget about your famous pie and cake recipes! (When donating a cake or pie to sell, it is suggested that they be baked in disposable pans since the pan will be leaving with the buyer).

We also accept donations of plants. Plants sold out very quickly last year. If you have any perenials that need to be divided, we will take them! Some have started seeds and donated seedlings. All plants are welcome! Everyone seems to be looking for plants at the Cedar Street Yard Sale!

Please help us reach our $1000 goal by donating your time, effort, and stuff that you just don't want anymore. We really value all your support and it is volunteers and donors like you that help make this fundraiser such a successful one!

Thank You!

Kali Rocheleau, Director of Volunteers

Volunteer Recognition Ceremony a Smashing Success


The goal of the Game Loft is to help youth become adults who are caring, confident, competent, connected, and have good character. On April 9th, at the Game Loft’s first annual volunteer recognition ceremony, our young people demonstrated all of those characteristics.

The Game Loft owes its success and indeed its very existence to the tenacity and devotion of volunteers, of all ages and all walks of life.

Members, parents, families, staff, and Game Loft board members all brought a delectable selection of homemade soups, salads, breads, and desserts. St. Margaret’s Church in Belfast graciously allowed the use of the parish hall and its facilities.

The event was made possible by the very volunteers the Game Loft honored. Luke Merrithew assisted with setting up, maintaining, and cleaning up the event. Rob Maresh provided important assistance with cleaning .

Volunteers were recognized for individual contributions, and honored with awards commemorating the time each spent volunteering with the Loft this year. The young gamer volunteers, including Taran and Madryn Evans-Moran, Brittany Saucier, and Lehmann Webb, received special recognition.

Other honored Game Loft volunteers includes David Gaulin, Skip Grant, CJ Hare, Christian Hodgdon, Jordan Hodges, Patrick Howard,  Will Hurley, Clayton Martin, Ricky Morgan, Amber Roberts, John Williams and Dakota Wing.

The Game Loft’s newly honored core volunteer force includes Nathan Blake, Dean Hustus, Luke Merrithew, Damiene Roberts, and Reva Soto . The volunteers of the year, Rio Greeley and Damion Saucier, have each already contributed over one hundred hours of volunteer service.

Since July 2009, Game Loft volunteers have donated over 1500 hours of service, which is equivalent to over $17,000 in working hours. Way to go! Don't forget to check out the photo album of this awesome event.



Game Loft Featured in Christian Science Monitor


The Game Loft has been featured in the latest issue of Christian Science Monitor, one of the most prestigious international news magazines.

Writer Ethan Gilsdorf, author of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks, became acquainted with the Game Loft at Snow-Con. He was so impressed by the Game Loft’s program that he approached the editor of Christian Science Monitor about writing an article about the Game Loft.

Ethan highlighted the Game Loft as the only non-electronic gaming after school program in the nation; the hope is that publicity in a national magazine will encourage other areas to begin programs, as well.

He visited the Game Loft and interviewed members and staff, paying particular attention to programs coordinator and Game Loft alum Max Delaney’s progress over the years. Max provided an intriguing perspective. He has been a part of the Game Loft for over a decade, and as such has unique insight regarding both the evolution of the program and its effects upon members. He credited the Game Loft with helping him survive the rigors of junior high and high school.

Current members interviewed include Damion Saucier and Rio Greeley.



Snow-Con 2010



The Game Loft attended the annual Snow-Con gaming convention in Orono, Saturday, January 16th, and Sunday, January 17th. It was the Game Loft’s first time participating in this gaming convention, and the experience was overwhelmingly positive.

The convention was inter-generational, with participants ranging in age from kindergarten to their grandparents. Activities included a variety of role play games, miniatures games, and a vast selection of card and board games.  Participants had the option to either sign up for specific events or to observe and participate in events as they unfolded. The atmosphere was both warm and flexible.

Game Loft volunteer Damion Saucier ran two remarkably popular D&D games, and his participants included as wide an age range as the convention itself. The Game Loft’s LARP, moderated by staff member Max Delaney, experienced similar diversity and was equally successful.
Staff member Nikky Boyington, the Game Loft’s resident Catan expert, had the opportunity to run a Settlers of Catan event, and Patricia and Ray Estabrook ran their role play game “An Unexpected Stop on the Underground Railroad.”

Events also included a panel discussion about the Game Loft, where audience members had the opportunity to ask questions about the program. Several audience members expressed serious interest in operating local chapters and are in correspondence with Patricia and Ray about possibilities.


Testing the Fugitive Slave Law: MLK Game Loft Event a Success!

mlk57 The Game Loft’s mock trial involving the Fugitive Slave Law achieved new heights of role playing excitement and education. Under guidance of guest bailiff (and honorable judge) Susan Longley, Game Loft member Nathan presided over the case, set in the historically pivotal year 1858. James and John Williams the teenaged defendants accused of willfully harboring and transporting a fugitive slave, “Gus”, in an attempt to expedite his escape to Canada.

Belfast's Unitarian Universalist Church provided the perfect venue for the occasion.

Taran and Madryn battled for patronage among the politically-minded onlookers, hawking opposing political newspapers including the abolitionist “New Salem Gazette” and the states’ rights “Dalais Democrat.”

Trial audience members became impassioned as well; Charles Erb and Neil Peterson disrupted the proceedings with loud outbursts against the evils of slavery. Police Captain Rio escorted the protestors outside of the courtroom to a temporary holding cell.

Prosecuting attorney Jim Munch called three witnesses, including Deputy Marshall Max Delaney, local deputy Andrew Knight, and the director of a cooperage and casket making company, Kali Rocheleau. Defense attorney Irwin Brown elected not to call any witnesses, advising his clients to plead the Fifth Amendment when called. He rested his case on the alleged inability of the prosecution to prove without a doubt the guilt of the accused.

While the jury deliberated, audience members and participants had the option of sitting in on the deliberations or, alternatively, participating in a Restorative Justice Project circle discussion, led by Kali Rocheleau.

The jury’s verdict of not-guilty seemed to agree with Mr. Brown’s conclusion, although the jury issued a statement following the verdict indicating suspicion of the accused being used as pawns by some other, perhaps older, unnamed abolitionist party.

Despite weather conditions, the event was an unabashed success, with approximately 50 people in attendance. It marks the first in what will become an annual MLK tradition for the Game Loft. Next year, we're considering the possibility of period costumes for the key roles.

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