We're O.K. Today

At The Game Loft we have all been told at one time or another that we are not “enough.” We’re not smart enough or old enough or thin enough, or athletic or straight or wise or experienced or rich or educated or privileged or loved or “cool” enough. We are not “hot” enough or powerful enough, or well-connected enough. We are just not enough. But just when we are worried about not being enough we are told that we are “too much.” We are too immature, too isolated, too rural, too geeky, too Asperger’s, poor, ugly, slow, weird, freakish, nerdy, needy or just plain “too much to deal with.”

But at The Game Loft we are O.K. today.

The Game Loft is a 4-H program that reminds us that kids are not training to be citizens, they are citizens today. In the same respect we at The Game Loft are not waiting to become “enough” for other people. We are O.K. today.

We hear a lot about kids who “have not reached their full potential” which is another way of being not enough. But I maintain that none of us have reached our full potential while we are still alive. I have not reached my full potential, I am going to be better, but I am O.K. today.

Thank you for your interest in The Game Loft. Every week I will share stories about our kids and our program. I will be the first to admit that this quirky, homemade, idiosyncratic program is not enough for some people. It may not have reached its full potential. It hasn’t been professionally reviewed. All of that is true but we are still making a difference in kids’ lives.

Many of us at The Loft have come together through our love for non-electronic games. We are in the process of learning how to create a community. We have a common vision that is: “community where all people are valued regardless of age; where youth become resources with meaningful roles and responsibilities for community change; where disabled youth, juvenile offenders, the bullied, the ostracized, and all who feel voiceless are heard and respected; and where willing volunteers of all ages work to improve the life of the community.”

If you have not yet achieved your full potential, if you have ever felt “not enough” or “too much” we understand. Please join me on this blog for Stories from The Game Preserve and be prepared to be inspired by kids who are thriving despite huge obstacles and who are O.K. today.


Patricia Estabrook

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