Announcing the I Know ME Program!

The Game Loft is pleased to announce the start of the I Know ME program. Funded by the Lerner Foundation and based on the Trekkers Youth Development Principles, I Know ME is a program of relationships and broadening horizons. The Game Loft will guide ten youth per year for the next six years in a program to learn about the state of Maine and to engage with Maine’s history, geography, economics, people, promise, and challenges. The young people in the program will be studying all facets of Maine through trips and other after-school adventures.

Here is a little quiz to see how well you know Maine. Over the next six years we will be sharing our adventures with you and a few challenges as well. One person who correctly answers this week’s questions will receive a Game Loft tee shirt and will be entered to win our 2018 grand prize. Good luck!

Quiz 1
  1. Easton and Eastport are ten miles from each other. 
      True or False
  2. The largest naval defeat in U.S. history before Pearl Harbor was:     
      a. The battle of New Orleans    
      b. The Penobscot Expedition    
      c. The siege of Lake Erie
  3. How many Maine state parks are managed by the Department of Conservation?    
      a. 10    
      b. All including Baxter State Park    
      c. All except Baxter State Park    
      d. 48
  4. A ploye is a lie.   
      True or false
  5. Two former Maine governors were Kings.   
      True or false
  6. Where is Curtis Island and does it go all the way to the bottom?
  7. This man was called by his enemies, “… the Continental liar from the state of Maine.” Who was he?
  8. Aroostook County is bigger than:    
      a. Rhode Island    
      b. Connecticut    
      c. Rhode Island and Connecticut combined    
      d. Mississippi
  9. The Whoopie Pie Festival is held annually in Dover-Foxcroft.   
      True or False
Quiz 2
Why should Game Loft kids study Maine for six years through trips, volunteering, interviews, exploration, and games?   
  1. To understand their home    
  2. To gain mastery of an important topic    
  3. To be able to talk knowledgably with adults    
  4. To become better citizens     
  5. To explore new areas of interest and to raise aspirations    
  6. To help gain academic and social skills    
  7. To bond with peers and adults    
  8. All of the above

The answers to these quizzes will be in our next blog. Each month the I Know ME blog will chronicle the places we have been and the things we have learned. If you have suggestions about the places where we should go, the people we should meet, the history we should encounter, the problems we should address, or the volunteer opportunities we should explore please contact us through this BLOG.

The I Know ME program is sponsored by the Emanuel and Pauline Lerner Foundation and is based on the Trekkers model for Positive Youth Development.

Patricia Estabrook

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