I Know ME: Quiz answers and Program Updates

Answers to the previous quiz:

Quiz 1

1. Easton and Eastport are ten miles from each other. 

      True or False

2. The largest naval defeat in U.S. history before Pearl Harbor was:     

    a. The battle of New Orleans    

    b. The Penobscot Expedition  

    c. The siege of Lake Erie

3. How many Maine state parks are managed by the Department of Conservation?    

    a. 10    

    b. All including Baxter State Park    

    c. All except Baxter State Park    

    d. 48

4. A ploye is a lie.   

      True or false

5. Two former Maine governors were Kings.   

      True or false

6. Where is Curtis Island and does it go all the way to the bottom?

    Just off the coast of Camden. Yes, it goes all the way to the bottom but tourists may not know that.

7. This man was called by his enemies, “… the Continental liar from the state of Maine.” Who was he?

    James G. Blaine

8. Aroostook County is bigger than:    

    a. Rhode Island    

    b. Connecticut    

    c. Rhode Island and Connecticut combined    

    d. Mississippi

9. The Whoopie Pie Festival is held annually in Dover-Foxcroft.   

      True or False

I Know ME is gaining steam. On November 29 there will be an informational meeting about the program at Mount View Middle School at 6 PM. If you know a 7th grader at Mount View who might be interested please contact Stephen Colby at 338-6447 for more information. Seventh graders and their families who are not able to make the meeting can still apply. Please contact Stephen for more information.

One of the many fun activities the I Know ME kids will be doing this year is “adopting” a food festival. The ultimate decision about which festival they should attend is up to the kids but we would like your opinions as well. Here is a list of just a few Maine food festivals. Which one do you think they should attend or should we add your favorite to the list?

  1. Wild Blueberry Festival in Machias
  2. Whoopie Pie Festival in Dover-Foxcroft
  3. Moxie Festival in Lisbon
  4. Red Hot Dog Festival in Dexter
  5. Clam Festival in Yarmouth
  6. Lobster Festival in Rockland

Kids will do more than enjoy great food and entertainment, they will also be volunteering at the festival to help organizers achieve success and understand the need for community involvement at all levels.

Patricia Estabrook

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