Mentors' Leadership Retreat: Developing a skilled network of adults and peer mentors


We came to the mentors’ retreat at Lake Flagstaff this August two by two: two youth, two college students, two adult volunteers and two elders. By the time we left we were one cohesive group. We reflected on the lessons we learned from our mentors and made plans for our own mentoring experiences. 


Gabriel Baldwin, Game Loft alumnus and mindfulness training consultant led the group in various activities throughout the 3-day session at Lake Flagstaff. 


We hiked, swam, played games, laughed and ate great food but mostly we listened. We listened to each other, to the sounds of the lake and the forest, and to our bodies. What we heard was louder than mere words. 


Each member gained an appreciation for nature and for each other. As the sun set over Lake Flagstaff we gave thanks for the many opportunities we were given to serve and to support. 

Patricia Estabrook

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