Game Loft News

Saturday, May 7th: Battle Tech!


On Saturday, May 7th, from noon to 5pm, come join the Game Loft for this awesome Mech Warrior miniatures slugfest! There will be snacks and drinks available for purchase; proceeds benefit the Game Loft. Those snacks will include Nikky's famous homemade fries - come with an appetite, for both food and destruction! :)

The Game Loft Has a New Van!


The Game Loft is excited to report the acquisition of a new minivan! Our rides program can thus continue unfettered! YAY! Thanks so much to Spurwink!

*Everyone should know that the donut in the picture is from the exquisite new bakery in town, Whistling Kettle. We're so grateful for their continued contributions to the Loft as well!

We're No Fools!


The Game Loft's annual volunteer recognition ceremony took place on April Fools' Day, and was an unfettered success, despite winter's last blast of snow. Many thanks to all of the Game Loft staff, volunteers, and members, who helped make this event a fun-filled evening. Soup, salad, bread, and goodies were served and the crowds were pleased! 

We were honored to recognize the following volunteers:

Members at 10-39 Hours: Copper Level

  1. Dakota Coleman: 11.75
  2. Nathan Danskin: 10
  3. Alex Doyne-Ditmas: 12
  4. Madryn Evans-Moran: 15
  5. Taran Evans-Moran: 15
  6. Nick Ferlazzo: 11.5
  7. David Gaulin: 30.5
  8. Jordan Hodges: 33.75
  9. Will Hurley: 16.75
  10. Robert Maresh: 14
  11. Clayton Martin: 33.5
  12. Tai Melendy: 23.5
  13. Richard Morgan: 29.75
  14. Lydia Rocheleau: 26
  15. John Williams: 18

Members at 40-79 Hours: Silver Level

  1. Stephen Colby: 55.25
  2. Skip Grant: 48.25
  3. Patrick Howard: 59.75
  4. Larry Nickerson: 44.75
  5. Barrett Ridley: 51
  6. Amber Roberts: 46
  7. Damiene Roberts: 79.5
  8. Dakota Wing: 49.25

Members at 80-119 Hours: Gold Level

  1. Nathan Blake: 109.75
  2. Reva Soto: 85

Members at 120+ Hours: Platinum Level

  1. Rio Greeley: 195.5
  2. Luke Merrithew: 215.5
  3. Damion Saucier: 178

Adults at 20-39 Hours: Copper Level

  1. Chris Donely: 32.75
  2. Aaron Delisle: 28.75
  3. Ellen Marlow: 25
  4. Heather McDonald: 26
  5. Scott McDonald: 27.5

Adults at 40-79 Hours: Silver Level

  1. Silas Walsh: 40
  2. David Fotier: 50

 Adults at 80-119 Hours: Gold Level

  1. Thom Yori: 87.25
  2. Matt Pease: 101.25
  3. Tom Foster: 107.25





The Game Loft Welcomes Leatherworking Instructor Bill Leach


Tuesday, April 19th, and Tuesday, April 26th, from 3-5:30pm, guest Bill Leach will instruct up to 8 interested Game Loft participants in the art of leatherworking. Bill, who has worked in the leather industry for many years, plans to bring small keychain-sized leather pieces for embossing instructions during the first session. During the second session he will guid particicpants in the dying and buffing of these pieces. Interested? See Nikky at the Game Loft to sign up!

Spring at the Game Loft


Even though the snow's still on the ground, according to the calendar and to the energy level at the Game Loft, spring has sprung!

Check out the Game Loft's wish list section for an update on our current needs; we appreciate the items we've received that we've been able to remove!

Have you become a fan of the Game Loft on Facebook yet? Check our Facebook page for the latest upcoming events. This Friday is our annual volunteer appreciation event, taking place at the Tarratine Tribe Hall, from 6pm-8:30pm. The event will be a potluck, so if you're interested in bringing soup, bread, or dessert, please call the Game Loft and let us know! 

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