Game Loft Overview

Our Mission

The mission of The Game Loft is to promote Positive Youth Development through non-electronic games and community involvement.

Our Vision

Our vision is a community where all people are valued regardless of age; where youth become resources with meaningful roles and responsibilities for positive community change; where disabled youth, juvenile offenders, the bullied, the ostracized, and all who feel voiceless are heard and respected; and where willing volunteers of all ages work to improve the life of their community.

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Elevator Speech

What we say when we are stuck in an elevator with someone who wants to know about the Game Loft

Our program serves young people from the ages of about 6 through high school graduation. We emphasize card games, board games and role play games, and youth understand how they will grow through those games. Games allow children to be accepted in a group and work together and accept failure and success gracefully and graciously.

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Positive Youth Development

The programs of The Game Loft are all run on the framework of Positive Youth Development. Gisela Konopka (1973) and Karen Pittman (1991) identified critical elements essential to the healthy development of young people. The Eight Keys to Positive Youth Development are:

  1. Youth feel physically and emotionally safe.
  2. Youth experience belonging and ownership.
  3. Youth develop self-worth.
  4. Youth discover self.
  5. Youth develop positive relationships with peers and adults.
  6. Youth discuss conflicting values and form their own.
  7. Youth feel the pride and accountability that comes with mastery.
  8. Youth expand their capacity to enjoy life and know that success is possible.

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Introduction to the Game Loft

Organization background

In the beginning was All About Games. In 1996 Ray and Patricia Estabrook opened the game store as a way for their son to make money for college. After two weeks on the job their son left the business and the Estabrooks have run it ever since. All About Games was a magnet for kids in 1996 because there was in-store gaming. The space was packed with kids but their presence deterred buyers who had to walk around backpacks and gear just to get to the product. In 1998 All About Games moved to 78 Main Street in Belfast and opened the Game Loft, a 501(c) 3 charity on the second and third floors above the store. To give the non-profit a sense of seriousness the official name was Gamers United. In 2001 the corporate name was changed to New Strategies for Youth dba The Game Loft.

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