Program Descriptions

Game Loft Programs

Major Annual Events

Youth Volunteer Awards – last Friday in October: celebrates the community involvement part of the mission

End of Year Party – third Friday in June: celebrates the non-electronic games part of the mission

Board Annual Meeting – second Wednesday in September: election of Board officers

Board Annual Retreat – within 60 days of annual meeting: Board engagement in strategic planning

Arts in the Park – second Fri/Sat in July: Community fund and friend raiser

Waldo County Public Speakers’ Tournament – around end of February: community event in collaboration with 4-H

Special Events

Pax Britannica – spring 2016: community wide program and gala event

Historical Miniatures Game – occasional Saturdays: sponsored by Maine Historical Wargamers Assoc.

Magic Tournaments – occasional Saturdays: fundraiser for Youth Activities fund

MHWA Game Days and Huzzah– occasional Saturdays: road trip to Bath, Me to participate in Maine Historical Game Day programs and in May for the annual convention in South Portland (these are youth activity events)

Searsmont Memorial Day Parade – Memorial Day:  Game Loft marches in parade with costumes giving younglings a chance to volunteer

Cedar Street Plant and Yard Sales/Unity area pancake breakfast and car wash – early June: community fundraisers to support youth activities fund

Foyers – quarterly: private dinners for key stakeholders and donors to share our goals and vision

4-H Collaborative Events and programs

CWF trip – early July: Two Game Loft leaders go to Washington DC as ambassadors as part of the Citizen Washington Focus (CWF) program

Regional Public Speakers Competition – March: Game Loft Public Speaker’s Bureau kids can compete

4-H leadership Club – monthly meetings: leadership development program; members of youth advisory board are selected from club members

Game Loft Speakers Bureau – on going: A program of the Leadership Club that trains Loft members to speak in public about the Game Loft


Game Loft Programs Calendar

Core Programs


Summer Programs – The Loft is closed for the last week of June and first week of July; summer programs are offered daily, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  1-6, Friday, 1-8:30  and on Wednesdays at Mount View Middle School from 1-3. Summer programs include: Regular non-electronic games programs, full service kitchen and snack supported by USDA, Summer Food Service program (SFSP), enrichment activities and the Live Action Combat (LAC) program.


Program Seasons – September-June: The Game Loft divides the school year into five programming seasons of six weeks each. Each season offers a mix of the four basic non-electronic games, trading card games like Magic: the Gathering, role play games like Dungeons and Dragons, board games like Ascension and miniatures games like Warhammer as well as the full service lunch and snack program supported by the USDA CACFP food reimbursable program. The Game Loft is a registered “soup kitchen”.

Break Weeks – October-June:  The Game Loft has “break weeks” inserted between program season for special games, “one shots”, enrichment activities and even movie nights. These are opportunities for kids to try new things and for volunteers to pilot new projects.


Trailblazers – as determined by contracts: These are special game based programs for middle school age youth delivered to fulfill grants or contracts. Examples are the Hobbit program or ENCOUNTERS.

Navigators – as determined by contracts: These are special game based programs for high school age youth delivered to fulfill grants or contracts. Examples are Coming of Age in America (COA) run as an expanded learning opportunity (ELO) and Mount View on Wednesdays for elective credit.

Pathfinders – as determined by contracts: These are programs for teens that use the Game Loft approach to help our Lofters prepare for life transitions and adulthood. They include the 4-H leadership club, Public Speakers Bureau, the Circle of Care program and other life skills training programs.


Monday:  age 12 and under such as role play games, Pokemon Club and board games

Tuesday: age 12 and over with a special emphasis on transition kids age 11-12.

Wednesday: age 10 (4th Grade) and up at Mount View Middle School from 3-5:15 pm. Birthdays celebrated monthly.

Thursday:  teens, age 12 and up

Friday:  teens age 12 and up in two periods, 2:30-5:30 and 6:00-8:30. A meal prepared by community volunteer “celebrity chefs” is offered from 5:30-6:00. Birthdays celebrated as needed.

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