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Maine Youth Alliance is a community based non-profit corporation serving youth primarily in Waldo County and ultimately the state of Maine and elsewhere. The stewardship of this organization and the guardianship of our mission is entrusted to our Board of Directors. The resources here are for board members for easy access and for the general public who wish to know more about our operating structure. 


THE GAME LOFT is a youth development program that focuses on continuously building the capacity of youth to become healthy, confident, competent, caring, contributing and connected members of their communities. Our program is offered free of charge to ALL youth and therefore depends and thrives on the generosity of our Volunteers. Volunteering at The Game Loft allows you the incredible opportunity to make a differencein the lives of youth in your community. Through applying your unique personality, talents and interests where they will have the greatest positive impact on our youth, programming and organization, our volunteers are individuals who are looking to invest in the future of today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders in several different capacities: Program Aid Volunteers, Food Service Volunteers, Special Programs Volunteers, Fundraising Volunteers and other General or Interest Specific Volunteers.


USEFUL ACRONYMS used at the Game Loft

MEYA  Maine Youth Alliance
COA   Coming of Age in America
ELO   Expanded Learning Opportunity
RSU   Regional School Unit
CoC   Circle of Care
D&D   Dungeons and Dragons
D20   A 20 sided dice
RPG   Role Play Game
GM   Gamemaster or Storyteller or Director of a role play game

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