Five basic responsibilities of the Board of Directors

  1. The Strategic Plan
    1. Understand the mission statement and ensure that all programs are on mission
    2. Assist in developing the strategic plan
    3. Approve and monitor the implementation of the strategic plan
  2. The Annual Budget
    1. Understand and approve the annual budget
    2. A Board finance committee should:        
      1. Analyze revenue and programming and determine if revenue projections are justified,
      2. Evaluate the institutional marketing plan  and determine if it supports fundraising projections
      3. Evaluate previous fiscal year performance
      4. Understand the assumptions that are built into revenue and expense projections
  3. Senior Staff (defined as the executive directors and other management who report directly to the board)
    1. Hiring and evaluating senior staff
    2. Review compensation for senior staff annually
    3. Motivating and support senior staff
  4. Resource Generation
    1. Commit to at least one significant development activity
    2. Pledge a significant financial contribution
    3. Help get new financial resources and new joint venture partners
    4. Recruit new human resources including new board members
    5. Identify new donor prospects and work with staff on donor cultivation and nurturance
  5. Advocacy
    1. Serve as ambassadors to the larger community

Advocate at all times and in all places for the mission, the plans and the direction of the program

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