THE GAME LOFT is a youth development program that focuses on continuously building the capacity of youth to become healthy, confident, competent, caring, contributing and connected members of their communities. Our program is offered free of charge to ALL youth and therefore depends and thrives on the generosity of our Volunteers. Volunteering at The Game Loft allows you the incredible opportunity to make a differencein the lives of youth in your community. Through applying your unique personality, talents and interests where they will have the greatest positive impact on our youth, programming and organization, our volunteers are individuals who are looking to invest in the future of today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders in several different capacities: Program Aid Volunteers, Food Service Volunteers, Special Programs Volunteers, Fundraising Volunteers and other General or Interest Specific Volunteers.


Throughout its history THE GAME LOFT has demonstrated the overwhelmingly positive value of engaging youth in playing games and it is our Program Aid Volunteers that allow us to facilitate gaming opportunities to the youth participating in our programs. Program Aid Volunteers make a difference in the lives of our youth by enthusiastically engaging them in various types of gaming at any of our program site locations.  Specifically, by becoming a Program Aid Volunteer it is an opportunity for you to assist our Program Manager by: leading simple board and card games; learning and teaching new games; running live-action role-play games; teaching, playing and supervising deck building game & activities; facilitating resource management and higher level thinking games; and developing new and innovative gaming opportunities for our youth to participate in.


THE GAME LOFT understands the important role having access to nutritious food plays in the healthy development of youth and offers daily meals and snacks to those participating in our programming. Food Service Volunteers make a difference in the lives of our youth by giving them access to our hot, nutritious USDA approved meal and snack service. Specifically, by becoming a Food Service Volunteer it is an opportunity for you to assist our Food Service Manager by: preparing and serving meals and snacks; maintaining a clean and safe kitchen; and encouraging our youth to have healthy and nutritious foods.




Beyond THE GAME LOFT’s traditional gamming program, we have further developed special programs that focus on youth self discovery, transformation and experiential learning. These programs allow us to further infuse our programming with new and innovative strategies for helping youth reach their full potential.

CIRCLES OF CARE (CoC) is a transformative program that is designed to help individual young people make constructive decisions for their lives that will allow them to move from merely surviving to thriving on their journey to adulthood. Each young person’s coc is run like a “corporation” with them serving as the president of the corporation’s Board of Directors. Coc Volunteers make a difference in the lives of our youth by giving their president a sounding board for his/her decisions in school, in their families, and in their communities. Specifically, by becoming a coc Volunteer it is an opportunity for you to invest in the future of one of our youth by: participating in their “Corporation Board Meetings”; advising your president in making choices in his/her life; and supporting your President through the choices that he/she makes.

BORDERLANDS: Coming of Age in America (CoA) is an Expanded Learning Opportunity role-play program that is designed to teach high-school level students about Maine and United States History. CoA Volunteers make a difference in the lives of our youth by engaging our youth in programming that allows them to develop an understanding of how technology, sociology, politics, religion and culture impact the choices that “we” make and promote civic engagement. Specifically, by becoming a CoA Volunteer it is an opportunity to support the learning of youth by: assisting the Game Moderator in the facilitation of the program; playing a supporting character in a running program; and assisting staff in other program activities.

CELEBRITY CHEF is a program designed to connect our youth and their community, where each Friday a member of our community or a chef from a local restaurant prepares the meal service for our participants. Celebrity Chef Volunteers make a difference in the lives of our youth by providing a hot and healthy meal for them and engaging them in valuable life skills practice. Specifically, by becoming a Celebrity Chef Volunteer it is an opportunity to demonstrate to youth that you care about their well being by: engaging youth in conversations to get to know them; and share your knowledge of how to prepare a specific meal with youth.



THE GAME LOFT if a non-profit 501[c] 3 organization and offers its programming free of charge to ALL youth six to eighteen years old. Therefore we are continuously cultivating partnerships with various funding sources in order to meet our programs financial needs. Fundraising Volunteers make a difference in the lives of our youth by providing THE GAME LOFT with the means to “keep our doors open” and giving youth a place to feel safe, be empowered and find hope in their futures! Specifically, by becoming a Fundraising Volunteer it is an opportunity for you to assist THE GAME LOFT by: organizing, hosting or sponsoring a fundraising event; volunteering at a fundraising event; hosting a Foyers dinner for key stakeholders and donors; or simply telling other people about “who we are,” “what we do” and “why it is important.”


At THE GAME LOFT we firmly believe that outstanding people are the key to our success. General/Specific Interests Volunteers make a difference in the lives of our youth by allowing our organization to continue to nurture the imagination of the youth in our community. Specifically, by becoming a volunteer at THE GAME LOFT it is an opportunity for you to support the day to day needs of our program through providing administrative, maintenance or logistical support to our staff.

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